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SPS Safety Product Solutions strives towards making the UK and the Worlds onshore and offshore oil industry sectors the safest in the world by using the right tool for the job. Safety is of paramount importance in the work place. It should be part of the culture of the every business. SPS is involved in developing products that keep the worker safe. Using the correct safety tools can ensure that your work force keep safe and help others to work safely.

The aims of SPS are to: Prevent all accidents to people in the work place. Improve safety and house keeping using safe working practices. Help to ensure a strong safety framework. Mitigate hazards and prevent accidents. Assist employers in choosing the correct safety tools for the job. Make sure everyone goes home in one piece .

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  • FingerSaver FingerSaver Protecting your hands & fingers from impact
  • Nitrogen Signs Nitrogen Signs Make people aware of the hazards
  • SPS Lanyard SPS Lanyard Safety tool lanyard so you dont drop the tool
  • Evac Sign Evac Sign Glow in the dark evacuation arrow signs Left & Right
  • S Hook Tidy S Hook Tidy Keep your hoses and cable off the ground
  • FingerSaver FingerSaver Your hands and fingers are your most important tools
  • Hydrotest Sign Hydrotest Sign Make people aware of the hazards when hydrotesting
  • No Entry Sign No Entry Sign Keep people out of danger when nessesary
  • S Hook Tidy S Hook Tidy Keep your hoses tidy in the workplace
  • FingerSaver FingerSaver Use the FingerSaver when there is a risk of impact
  • No Entry Sign No Entry Sign NO ENTRY means NO ENTRY
  • S Hook S Hook Can be used for many different applications
  • S Hook S Hook Cables can be stored to prevent tripping hazards
  • S Hook S Hook Keep the S Hooks close to the work front
  • S Hook S Hook The S Hook is resistant to oil and lubricant contamination
  • S Hook Close Up S Hook Close Up Safe Working Load of 50kgs
  • S Hook Tag Point S Hook Tag Point Tagging Ring - for identification purposes when laying out cables
  • Glow in the Dark Glow in the Dark Magnetic and Ridged signs are available
  • Danger Signs Danger Signs Danger High Pressure Testing in progress
  • Glow in the Dark Glow in the Dark NO ENTRY glow in the dark ridged signs