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SPS is accredited to ISO 2000/1. All our products are used in the petrochemical industry, building trade and many other sectors. We pride ourselves on making your work place a safer place to work by preventing injuries to your employees's. Safety should always be first on your list. Please browse through our products and if you would like to find out more then please do email us using our details on the contact page.

  • FingerSaver FingerSaver Protecting your hands & fingers from impact
  • Nitrogen Signs Nitrogen Signs Make people aware of the hazards
  • SPS Lanyard SPS Lanyard Safety tool lanyard so you dont drop the tool
  • Evac Sign Evac Sign Glow in the dark evacuation arrow signs Left & Right
  • S Hook Tidy S Hook Tidy Keep your hoses and cable off the ground
  • FingerSaver FingerSaver Your hands and fingers are your most important tools
  • Hydrotest Sign Hydrotest Sign Make people aware of the hazards when hydrotesting
  • No Entry Sign No Entry Sign Keep people out of danger when nessesary
  • S Hook Tidy S Hook Tidy Keep your hoses tidy in the workplace
  • FingerSaver FingerSaver Use the FingerSaver when there is a risk of impact
  • No Entry Sign No Entry Sign NO ENTRY means NO ENTRY
  • S Hook S Hook Can be used for many different applications
  • S Hook S Hook Cables can be stored to prevent tripping hazards
  • S Hook S Hook Keep the S Hooks close to the work front
  • S Hook S Hook The S Hook is resistant to oil and lubricant contamination
  • S Hook Close Up S Hook Close Up Safe Working Load of 50kgs
  • S Hook Tag Point S Hook Tag Point Tagging Ring - for identification purposes when laying out cables
  • Glow in the Dark Glow in the Dark Magnetic and Ridged signs are available
  • Danger Signs Danger Signs Danger High Pressure Testing in progress
  • Glow in the Dark Glow in the Dark NO ENTRY glow in the dark ridged signs

nitrogen sign hydrotest sign high pressure tesing sign

Danger Nitrogen Sign

When your working with Nitrogen the area should be kept clear of personnel.

Laminated Ridged Foam Board 5mm thick.


Caution Hydrotest Sign

Hydrotesting is very dangerous, these signs should be in place when hydrotesting is takling place.

Laminated Ridged Foam Board 5mm thick.


Danger High Pressure Testing

These signs are designed to clearly identify an area where high pressure testing is taking place.

Laminated Ridged Foam Board 5mm thick.


s hook safety hook

The Finger Saver

Every day in many industries, people are sustaining hand and finger injuries that could be preventable. Using the correct safety devise should be an essential part of every day life. Think about your hands in the same way! Be sure to keep them safe and out of harms way.

evacuation sign

The Hose & Cable Tidy

The hose and cable tidy is ideal for keeping all types of hoses and cables tidy in the work place. Good housekeeping is a major part of setting up any job activity for success. Hoses and cables that are left untidy in the work area can cause tripping hazards which can lead to serious injuries.


finger saver


Magnetic and none Magnetic Evacuation Signs

To find the safest and quickest route away from any potential danger in the work place, the evacuation routes should be clearly displayed. These signs can be clearly seen in daylight as well as during darkness for a safe and easy evacuation should it be required.


safety lanyard fingersaver

no entry sign

Tool Safety Lanyard

Our safety tool lanyard is 1m long and made from a tough seat belt webbing material that can be attached to hand tools to prevent them falling to the ground when working at height. Don't leave yourself exposed to these dangers when working at height, dropping your toots from height can cause serious injury to people working below you.

finger saver tool

The NO ENTRY sign

This sign can be used to cover an open manway door on a vessel when no one is working inside. The center section of the sign glows in the dark for added allumination during night time. Protect your emplyee's from the dangers of an open vessel, "no Entry" means NO ENTRY. Laminated Ridged Foam Board 5mm thick.

  • The FingerSaver & Lanyard The FingerSaver & Lanyard
  • 850mm Long FingerSaver 850mm Long FingerSaver
  • The S Hook Safety System The S Hook Safety System

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