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The newest SPS safety product to come on to the market is the Hose & Cable Tidy. This S'Hook safety system can assist with creating a safe and non-hazardous work area by keeping all your cables and hoses off the ground where they would otherwise be causing tripping hazards. Slip and trip accidents can happen at any time and for a number of reasons, evidence shows that bad housekeeping, untidy work areas are the main cause of many workplace injuries and accidents.


The SPS Hose & Cable Tidy can be used to eliminate the number of slip and trip accidents you experience by keeping unwanted messy hoses and cables off the floor in congested area's. Improving housekeeping in this way would eliminate a large number of potential accidents in the workplace.


Make sure yourselves and your work collegues go home safely at the end of every day, Safe Thinking Can Saves Lives!




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Benifits of this safe system of work.

- Tidy storage of shutdown hose and cable runs – preventing trip hazards.
- Secure, tight fit over scaffold poles and handrails – preventing inadvertent removal or being blown/knocked off.
- Soft rubber coating over metallic core – preventing potential sparks or damage to plant and personnel if dropped.
- Neoprene rubber coating – resistant to ozone and atmospheric ageing, resistant to oil and lubricant contamination, self extinguishing.
- Soft rubber tongue – allowing easy loading/unloading of cables/hoses and securing in place whilst in use.
- Soft rubber tongue – advises user that the component has been overloaded or damaged if it doesn’t retain it’s inner position when loaded.

- Tagging Ring - for identification purposes when laying out hoses and cables.


Soft rubber coating over a metallic core – preventing potential sparks or damage to plant and personnel if dropped from height. The Hose & Cable Tidy is Locked onto any scaffold pole giving stability when in use so you don't have to worry about it falling to the ground.


cross hire

What some of our customers are now doing is buying our S Hooks and cross hiring them to their contracting companies to make sure that they are keeping the workplace tidy and free from any potential tripping hazards. This has proven to be a very successful straergy in helping the companies to commite to a safe work environment for their employees. Taking safety seriously is the first step to a successful contract with any constrcution company, set yourselves up for success and the rest of the job will fall in to place.


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Dont learn about safety by accident!

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